Project Description

Kelebek Kese

Kelebek Kese

Natural Woven Washcloths

Scrubbing will give you peace of mind, make you feel lightened, protect you from skin diseases, get rid of acne in terms of health, accelerate your subcutaneous blood circulation and speed up skin renewal. The scrub, which will allow you to purify your dead skin cells, will not only allow your skin pores to breathe more easily, but will also restructure the upper layer. Scrubbing makes your body healthy as a whole, especially because of its contribution to your immune system, it increases your strength against diseases.

In line with the recommendations of medical doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and beauticians, we recommend you to use Kelebek Kese for a smooth, healthy skin and a life without cellulite.

  • Hepsi
  • Standart Kelebek Kese
  • Scrub and Peel
  • Kral Kelebek Kese
  • Köpük Torbası
  • Keyfi Harem Kese
  • İstanbul Kese Nakışlı
  • El Dokuma Kese
  • Çocuk Sabunluk
  • Dijital Baskılı Kese