404 Steriax

Steriax alkol bazlı dezenfektanlar el, araç, ofis ve ev kullanımına yönelik farklı boylarıyla hayatınızı kolaylaştırır. Sprey formuyla tüm yüzeyi kaplar. %70 alkol oranına sahip formülü anında HİJYEN sağlar!


Biorad Derm

Necm Kimya provides its customers with the correct and reliable use of products in terms of sterilization and disinfection. provides support, and information.



Our products can be used as a supportive treatment element in human health. Our products, which are permitted as PELOID, are, in a sense, equivalent to the concept of Organic given to Herbal Products, which are produced completely natural and without additives, in mineral-based products.


Kelebek Kese

Scrubbing will give you peace of mind, make you feel lightened, protect you from skin diseases, get rid of acne in terms of health, accelerate your subcutaneous blood circulation and speed up skin renewal.



Founded in Cologne, Germany in 2009 by industry experts, Enevex aimed to offer its customers a complete range of disinfectants and cleaning products.



We can also offer our cleaning and hygiene group products, which offer an effective and deep cleaning opportunity, and make your life easier with its high liquid absorption power thanks to its special fabric, by making various applications.